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The man behind the idea of launching L'Origine, which opened its doors on 20 November 2010, is Thierry Balzarini, a Belgian chef who built up heaps and heaps of experience during the seven years he spent in an international environment. The skills he acquired form the background to an outstanding mix of flavours from around the world.

Formerly operating in the large-scale distribution sector, Angelo Licata is an ideal match for the chef Balzarini owing to the former's management skills and innovative ideas about organising events.


Creative and refined, Thierry Balzarini's culinary skills rely on the finest and freshest seasonal produce, a blend of often surprising flavours that never fail to score a hit with lovers of fine food.


The creation of tiny discrete areas within the restaurant itself is designed to offer both a working environment for business operators and privacy for small groups during family meetings or festive occasions.

These areas allow us to cater for groups comprising eight to 40 people. And, if need be, our room for 250 people is available for accommodating larger groups.

The outcome of various people's ideas, including Mr Licata's, the imaginative decor serves to create a lounge-like atmosphere for our customers.

The restaurant can also provide educational and corporate materials for your business meetings.